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The American University of Kurdistan

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The American University of Kurdistan

Founded in 2014 as a non-profit institution of higher learning by Masrour Barzani, the American University of Kurdistan is dedicated to preparing future generations of leaders through curricular and co-curricular excellence in an American style education focusing on transformative knowledge, innovative research, ethical community service, respect for inclusion and diversity, global connectedness, and life-long learning, all aiming to ensure economic, environmental, social and political advancement- regionally, nationally and globally.

The AUK aims to mold the next generation of leaders through challenging coursework, project-based learning, and an international faculty. Located in the Duhok Governorate of Iraqi Kurdistan, the University is fast becoming acknowledged as the region’s preeminent institution of higher education.

The AUK has four colleges: College of Engineering, College of Business, College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Nursing.

The College of Engineering provides students with academic programs that carefully balance theoretical coursework and applied practice. Programs are aligned with workforce needs and ABET accreditation standards. The College of Business seeks to find and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs, financial advisers, and economic strategists. Under the Bachelor’s in Business Administration, students elect a specialization in either Finance & Accounting, Management, or Oil & Gas Management. The College of Arts & Sciences houses programs in International Studies, Design, and Computer Software & Security. The College of Nursing is the newest; its mission is to serve the local and regional community by addressing the needs of the health sector through the introduction of international best practices. These bachelor’s degrees at AUK involve four years of academic study, except for Architectural Engineering, which involves five. The academic calendar, credit awards, and curricular designs follow American accreditation standards.

American University of Kurdistan


Zakho Rd. Sumel
Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Tel. (reception): +964 (0) 751 741 4101
Tel. (admissions): +964 (0) 751 741 4103

Email & Web Site
General Information: info@auk.edu.krd
Admissions and Registration: admissions@auk.edu.krd


Dr. Randall Rhodes, President
Tel.: +964 (0) 751 741 4102
Email: randall.rhodes@auk.edu.krd

Dr. Nazar M.S. Numan, Provost & VP of Academic Affairs
Email: nazar.numan@auk.edu.krd

Office of the President
Email: president.office@auk.edu.krd