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Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University Madrid Campus is the European branch of Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, a Catholic, Jesuit institution dedicated to providing excellence in teaching, research, health care and service. While originally established in the 1960s as a study abroad program for US college students, SLU-Madrid is now a free-standing campus where students from more than 65 countries study undergraduate and graduate courses to obtain either U.S. liberal arts four-year undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees or, in the case of study abroad students, credits towards their degrees on their home campuses. Scholarships and financial aid are available, facilitating the access to SLU-Madrid’s academic programs to students from around the world.

SLU-Madrid’s primary accreditation is with the North Central Association, while its programs in business, engineering, and nursing are also accredited by their respective professional organizations in the U.S. In addition to the University’s accreditation, SLU-Madrid is recognized by the Consejería de Educación y Cultura, Madrid’s provincial authority responsible for all colleges and universities in the region.

The campus itself is located in a historically preserved neighborhood of Madrid, amidst other universities and private residences. Madrid’s superb public transportation network enables students to live anywhere in the city. Many choose to reside with host families, screened by SLU-Madrid’s housing office; others apply to live in nearby colegios mayores (student residences); still others, find their own apartments. Madrid, of course, is Spain’s capital, and its rich history and vibrant culture make it arguably the most exciting city in the world to call home.

Over one hundred faculty members, including leading scholars and researchers in their fields, deliver the academic programs offered at SLU-Madrid. Its library, which provides access to University-wide databases and electronic resources, also holds a print collection developed to support the programs offered in Madrid. Additional SLU-Madrid resources include academic advising, career services, counseling services, academic tutoring, information technology support, campus ministry, and student life.

Central to the Saint Louis University’s mission is the formation of its students. SLU-Madrid offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities, including a student government association, student clubs, service opportunities, athletics, and course-related trips to destinations in Spain, throughout Europe and beyond. Along with service and work opportunities, SLU-Madrid strives to provide an academic environment that promotes cultural sensitivity and social awareness to prepare students to be responsible, compassionate, and actively engaged individuals committed to service and the greater good of the world.

Saint Louis University

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